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Drive Electric Earth Day Tribute: Electric Vehicles Making a Difference

Commit to the Clean Transportation Pledge

Drive Electric Earth Day hosted a virtual electric vehicle celebration on Earth Day April 22, 2020. Below you’ll find helpful links to resources that were mentioned during the live event.

Electric Vehicle Online Shopping Tool

EV Support Program Connect with experts and receive one-on-one, personalized assistance with questions about vehicles, charging, incentives and more.

EV Policy Guide by Sierra Club and Plug In America The AchiEVe: Transition to EVs Policy Toolkit provides examples of states and cities with smart and supportive policies that can help to accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs at the local and state levels.

Locate Electric Vehicle Owner Groups

Explore The Used Electric Vehicle Buyer's Guide

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Want to organize or help with an event?

Want to organize or help with an event? Go to our events page to see if there's one near you, then go to the volunteer page to offer your assistance. Thank you!

Drive Electric Earth Day is an outreach effort that consists of EV activities staged in cities coast to coast and internationally. The goal is to share the experience of electric vehicle owners and bring information about the many reasons to adopt electric vehicles to consumers, policymakers, the media, and the general public.

Plug In America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association have organized Drive Electric Earth Day since its debut in 2019.

While the national organizers will help as they can, it is up to each city captain to ensure the overall success of the local events based on good planning, publicity, and outreach. We hope this page will help event organizers and volunteers achieve success.

Getting Started

Important Update: In order to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Drive Electric Earth Day will only feature online events this year. We look forward to answering your questions about electric vehicles (EVs) and hope you and your family stays safe.

Normally, Drive Electric Earth Day (DEED) relies on volunteers across the United States to organize electric vehicle (EV) events in their communities. For these event organizers, whom we call “city captains”, we provide numerous resources and educational materials. This year, we will provide resources to help educate your community about EVs online.

Who Can Be a City Captain

We invite EV owners, nonprofit and government organizations, or anyone with a passion for EVs to become a city captain. In order to retain the independent, grassroots flavor that makes DEED a success, companies or corporate representatives may not take the lead in organizing local DEED events. If individuals who are part of specific companies do want to play a key role in organizing an event, we encourage them to partner with a community group that will take the lead.

Going Online

There are many ways to move your EV education efforts online. Please see below for a list of ideas, templates, and information resources.


An online event can be a formal webinar presentation to your friends and colleagues or a fun, informative post to your followers on social media. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Virtual EV Test Drive Record yourself driving an EV and talking about the various features of the vehicle using Facebook Live or a similar streaming service. You can also talk about specific EV driving features such as one pedal driving, instant torque, and regenerative braking.
  • Under the Hood Record a video showing the mechanics of an EV and pointing out how it’s different from a regular gas vehicle. Be prepared to elaborate on FAQ topics such as battery warranty and charging in the rain.
  • EV 101 Webinar There are many free webinar services you can use to present a slideshow presentation on the basics of EVs. Below you can find a slideshow template on various topics along with a list of webinar providers.
  • EV 101 Conference Call Do you enjoy public speaking? Host a conference call where the public can ask questions about EVs. Below you can find a list of conference call providers.

This web site will help you manage your event and recruit participants and volunteers. If you are looking for volunteers to help organize your event, let us know; we can email supporters in your area and have them sign up via the web site.


Below you’ll find downloadable templates for various ways to promote EVs online during DEED 2020.


Below you’ll find a list of resources to help you live stream a video, host a webinar, or lead a conference call.

Live streaming a video on social media

  • Facebook Live allows you to live stream to your followers via your phone or laptop.
  • Instagram Live allows you to live stream to your followers via the app.
  • YouTube Live allows you to live stream to any who has your YouTube live link. It takes 24 hours to get access to the live stream so plan accordingly.

Virtual event and conference call services

  • Zoom Free video conference and meeting service with the ability to host up to 100 participants.
  • Google Hangouts Free video conferencing service that allows for screen sharing and dial-in options.
  • ezTalks Free meeting service that can host up to 100 participants and allows for local MP4 recording.
  • Be.Live Free plan that allows you to stream to social media platforms such as Facebook Live.
  • UberConference Free meeting service that allows for up to 50 participants.
  • GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar Webinar and meeting service with a free trial period. Features include screen sharing and recording.
  • Meeting service with a free trial period. Allows for screen sharing.

EV FAQs and Answers

EV Policy Resources

Please check out to view EVs currently for sale, find purchase incentives in your area, and find an EV certified dealer near you. You can also contact the EV Support Program to ask any of your EV questions.

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