Drive Electric Earth Day

Drive Electric Earth Day Tribute: Electric Vehicles Making a Difference

Commit to the Clean Transportation Pledge

Drive Electric Earth Day hosted a virtual electric vehicle celebration on Earth Day April 22, 2020. Below you’ll find helpful links to resources that were mentioned during the live event.

Electric Vehicle Online Shopping Tool

EV Support Program Connect with experts and receive one-on-one, personalized assistance with questions about vehicles, charging, incentives and more.

EV Policy Guide by Sierra Club and Plug In America The AchiEVe: Transition to EVs Policy Toolkit provides examples of states and cities with smart and supportive policies that can help to accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs at the local and state levels.

Locate Electric Vehicle Owner Groups

Explore The Used Electric Vehicle Buyer's Guide

Connect with these educational organizations:

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In addition to Drive Electric Earth Day events, check out National Drive Electric Week.

Drive Electric Earth Day Events

United States National Online Events

Event Day(s)
Electric Vehicle Tribute Apr 22, 2020
1 Event

Local Online Events

City State/Province Country Day(s)
San Francisco California USA Apr 22-May 31, 2020
Colorado Springs Colorado USA Apr 21, 2020
Ft Collins Colorado USA Apr 22, 2020
Annapolis Maryland USA Apr 28, 2020
Braintree Massachusetts USA Apr 17, 2020
Rochester Minnesota USA Apr 25, 2020
Asheville North Carolina USA Apr 25, 2020
Fayette North Carolina USA Apr 04, 2020
Ashland Oregon USA Apr 18, 2020
Ambler Pennsylvania USA Apr 25, 2020
10 Events

Event History:

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Map | List
Map | List

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