Drive Electric Earth Day

Drive Electric Earth Day
Hilo, HI
Apr 26, 2019

Day: Friday, April 26, 2019 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the events page.
Location: Hilo, HI 96720
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Event Report

Our Drive Electric Earth Day event was held in conjunction with the University of Hawaii’s Earth Day celebration. There were over 1000 visitors of all ages through out the 5-hour event. (The organizer expected 1500.) We had limited display space but we were able to squeeze in 5 electric cars - a Mitsubishi i-MIEV, Mercury Lynx, Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model 3. The crowd snapped up our handouts, asked many questions, and took countless selfies with the cars. Our Model 3 was especially popular with our guests - a handful were potential buyers who had yet to sit in one.

We were especially impressed with the students who visited (all grades were represented). Many recognized the Tesla brand and quite a few were aware of the environmental benefits of EVs. Some were even aware of specifics like the ideal time of day for charging a vehicle.

Importantly, there were a few guests who were not aware of the more affordable options that are now available and are now seriously considering an EV. (This demonstrates the value of awareness-building and myth-busting in getting our friends and neighbors to adopt electrics.)

photo by: Gary Miller
Drive Electric Earth Day at the University of Hawaii in Hilo. BIEVA member, Phil Barnes is showing off the Tesla Model S, Chevy Bolt, and '81 Mercury Lynx to several students.

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This event's organizers have not yet agreed to the DEED 2021 COVID-19 safety requirements. Please visit the Events page to find other Drive Electric Earth Day events.

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