Drive Electric Earth Day

Drive Electric Earth Day
Ventura, CA
Apr 27, 2019

Day: Saturday, April 27, 2019 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the events page.
Location: Ventura, CA 93001
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Event Report

For the third year at this location, the EV Advocates of Ventura County provided a collection of local electric vehicles along with their drivers to educate others about the benefits of EV's . We showed 15 vehicles, representing commercially available BEVs and PHEVs, including the City of Ventura's Kia Soul parking enforcement unit. Throughout the day our members carried out active dialogue with interested event goers while sharing our collective knowledge of many years and over 500,000 miles of EV experience.

Part of the EcoFest was a scavenger hunt for kids, in which our booth participated. Each kid was required to answer a question, and were awarded stamps toward a free ice cream. We asked the the question, "Other than gasoline, name something you can use as fuel for your car?" It was very gratifying to have kids as young as five answer "Electricity". They are indeed our future and future EV drivers. Good times were had by all and we look forward to more successful events in the future.

photo by: EV Advocates of Ventura County
Ventura EcoFest 2019, Our booth and some of the 15 cars.

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This event's organizers have not yet agreed to the DEED 2021 COVID-19 safety requirements. Please visit the Events page to find other Drive Electric Earth Day events.

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