Drive Electric Earth Day

Drive Electric Earth Day
Golden, CO
Apr 04, 2020
* Event Canceled *

Golden Event Has Been Canceled.

This event will take place during "Super Cruise," which is a monthly gas guzzler event along the 4-block stretch of South Golden Road where our office is located. Normally our parking lot, like other lots on that street, would be filled with classic cars, home-made cars, etc., and thousands of people walk the street looking at the cars or set up lawn chairs and watch other cars parade past them in what resembles a slow-moving traffic jam.  I chose this date intentionally, and will mark off our parking lot that day for "Electric Cars Only."  Since we always fill our 20-space parking lot with EVs during Drive Electric Week and Drive Electric Earth Day, it will be fun to expose gearheads to EVs during that event.  My Oct. 3 event is also during the Super Cruise.


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